Astrology (द्युक्ष ---संसर्ग)

Its all about my astrological readings....from varied sources.....

Personality profiles/ traits of women as per sun signs...(inputs from newspaper cuttings, magazines etc...)

  • Arians attract and are attracted to other passionate, physical and active people.
  • Daily routine is not something they relish or fulfil with diligence.
  • Emotions are fed by innovative spirit.
  • Impetus
  • quick to anger as well quick to forget.

  • Quiet sensual
  • Home is their emotional centre.
  • Taureans require bossing over those with whom they form relationships.
  • Material comforts and the advantages of wealth are important to them, and they can become overly concerned with social status.
  • quick tempered. which they even use as weapon for a long time.

  • dual side as one day they are on affirmative side of an issue and the other they are on negative.
  • Can please others as they instinctively understand what others want to hear.
  • but fail on making themselves happy
  • Secretive about themselves
  • Like a coconut there outer personality is different from inner feelings.
  • outer may be bright and optimistic but inners they can harbor loneliness too.
  • cancerians to influence of their partners or people living with them.
  • hard to distinguish whether they are expressing own opinion or reflecting someone else's
  • Extremely stuborn
  • they have purpose, determination, and tenacity.
  • strongly idealistic
  • know how to make others feel better
  • sympathetic nature
  • makes many friends but that makes them vulnerable to being exploited
  • excellent at planning and preparing projects
  • can be impractical. overindulgent or inconsistent in personal situations
  • strong attachment to family and home

Note-These are just varied opinions and observation and not the full proof guide......

5 january
Of all the zodiac signs, you are the only one with a cardinal connection to the element "Earth". 
Your fundamental connection with Earth makes you a self-starter and initiator. Earth's influence over your personality becomes even more obvious, when your grounded nature is revealed. Instead of keeping your head in the clouds, you are well-rooted in realistic and practical pursuits. Your pragmatism will always contribute to future successes, but be careful to avoid earth's negative influences, which include an overly-cautious and conservative approach to life.

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