Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Vision 2050

70 years young and still growing. 
I love her grace, her beauty, her culture and specially her.
I love India and imagining it 30+ future gives a bright smile on my face.

I see her as largest economy of the world...call it GDP or brexit, we are now heading to top.
Have even read the united nations saying that India will dominate growth in coming years.

population too will increase but so will be the jobs and growth. Can imagine rupee above dollar, Indian sensex being traded by other economies, people in long line to get Indian visa...and its not that difficult to just fantasize, its possible the "sone ki chidiya" will again have her gold with diamond shine this time. 

Education, Healthcare, Technology all we are progressing and i can imagine "make in India" tags in new york markets and walmart world wide.

People are changing and so are ways to work. We all are trying to see India on top. We are growing in military terms, as well as culturally. We have not kept any corner untouched and striving for all round growth and change. The traditions, culture and history are our pearls in the necklace that give us strong roots to grow on. As it is said the base has to be strong for tree or building to grow...here we stand with out rich culture and history that makes the base stronger to grow further and farther.

Monday, 10 October 2016

True Love

"True Love" is it magical or practical, is it virtual or sensitive, it can be anything any moment any person or any feeling....

It can be that first person you feel is the one or it can be that beautiful place you always wanted to visit and you are now enjoying its feel, it can be a 'Book" or a things you can't live without.

Asking me if i have to select my True Love in one thing well this task gets difficult, but after a long thought i select my computer, my creative space, my day night hangout place, my world, my work station, my everything.

I write this blog from computer, I work from there, I connect with virtual world from here only. This is the place i had created my creations, my creative works, my designs, my ideas.

Its my true love coz i cant stay without my computer my work place, which i worship from soul. It make me complete as i love writing and since writing is my passion my writing table, my computer is very special to me.

There are lot of people who are my love in life but this gadget has stored my happiness, my sorrows, has helped me express my views all my life. I have found my passion to write with this only.

It makes me special because my computer make me "ME" the real me, i have found who I am and what i can do.

True love is something you think of everyday, every moment and this is what makes me think, it inspires me to think, explore and be Creative.

Talking about love of writing even reading is inseparable love of mine coz reading only inspires me to write, and having a room of books around me what i would love next.....

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