Friday, 14 September 2012

Melbourne, a friend awaits!!!!

Ah! What comes in mind if asked to Tell us what experiences you would love to bring back from Melbourne. Should I tell…..hah-aha well to begin I will have to reveal a long buried secret, the story goes my husband always wanted to have an Australian girlfriend so if I get chance to visit I will bring back a good friendship for myself and for my hubby dear too which will be a strong relationship across countries, cultures, cuisines, and of course thoughts and traditions.
Why I am saying all this is because I have read that Melbourne is an international cultural centre, with cultural endeavours spanning major events and festivals, drama, musicals, comedy, music, art, architecture, literature, film and television. It was the second city after Edinburgh to be named a UNESCO City of Literature  and has thrice shared top position in a survey by The Economist of the world's most livable cities.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a different look out

I am recently giving time to myself, although not much but yes little, actually myself a very lazy person on fitness and good looks for me more important thing is to read and finish the book, i cant sit in parlour to beautify myself nor can i visit spas give me choice i will pick a good book and hide myself in corner so i can finish it off as soon as i can.

Small steps towards healthy you

Few steps in daily life which can give boost to health and lifestyle. warm water with honey Gargling with salt water 8 glasses of wate...