Monday, 24 October 2011

& tears rolled down her eyes.......

& tears rolled down her eyes.......
well it was a turning point of her life yet again.....
but tears why how where when......????????????

She had always thought of her as a strong, determined woman, but some things in life make u cry isn't it?

she was on her way to motherhood, and suddenly things changed (for positive of course) for her.
She had a natural way to motherhood and was expecting the same again, but something else was written ....

Friday, 19 August 2011


Women Water Wind
Do they sound similar to u….
They do to me….

Water furious.....Women curious.....
Water flowing furiously and the other shore is completely calmer
Women too is strong like stone and the other day beautifully softer…
Water springing up from earth and in some remote place falling from heavy mountains.....
Women too rising from herself and falling for her roles and responsibilities....

Wind so violent sumtimes and sumtimes its gentle breeze....
Women as it says is sumtimes really agitating and sumtimes so soft u can't predict...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Digital Woman

Tic tic on mobile
few clicks on keyboard
Double click on mouse
Chats with spouse
and there she is clicking to the future
The digital woman of Today

Business or office, home maker or teacher,
Doctor or engineer, cook or painter,
media person or design artist,
bakes cake or write codes,

Chapati on tava and blue tooth on ears
Instant veggies  and quick recipes
works from home or office
and now has no time for fears.

Updated not outdated, fast not slow,
she is a multitasker all the way.
Have risen from their marginal lives
to craft their futures on the centre stage.
Boardroom, or courtroom,
Washroom or bed room she can handle all well.
Kids or interiors, parties or presentations
she can properly dwell.

Mkt now has Womens horlicks, calcium and revital too,
which was earlier meant only for the men to do.
Dominates all areas of life in a manner well to do,
She is a strong woman with a restless mind too.

Facebook, twitter are her new friends and no knowledge is far from her always working head,
She is a global force, has balanced cultural expectations and career charts in graph that moves ahead.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

5 yrs & my life changd 4ever

It's been 5 yrs she saw and met her life partner......time she  can only thank God for helping her meet him and letting him be in her  life..................

Life won’t be same if u would not have been here so near
No I am not saying this coz I am dependent on u
But bcoz more than that I love u so long to be near

How would my life be?
Without those stares and snores
Without those wet towels and foot prints on floors

How would my life be?
Without u sitting patiently to listen my nagging and cravings
Without u giving tips and instructions in my workings

How would my life be?
I cant imagine it
Without your car and credit cards
Without long drives and beach besides

What would my life be?
When I was at a new place on my first bride night
When I blasted the cooker on first dinner night

How would my life be?
Without your never ending last drinks
And without your latest humorous tricks

How would my life be?
When u r romantic on least expected days
And keep on encouraging me on all required days

How would my life be?
Without u to hold me when I delivered our bundle of joy
Without you to make up after a silly fight of my cry

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Friday, 8 July 2011


She is born......
Gets her name of her parents choice,
that becomes her identity......
She grows up

Charming, beautiful, smart, intelligent a beauty with brains combo.....
She tries to get her own identity, and one fine day she she finds it.
She is confident, independent and has thoughts of her own.
She grows up

One stormy windy evening she gets across someone.....
who will change her personality, her life and her future....
For him she is ready to leave connections of blood and body...
the runaway bride gets married and there she leaves her identity of past.....
She grows on

She is now Mrs. he and daughter of new found set of parents..
She is in her mesmerizing phase and had forgotten herself.
She becomes mother soon and gets a new tag on collar.
She now raises their kids and caress her husband
She grows

But is she the same "she" in these whole years?????
Her identity is so fragile
not handled with care.....

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Being a woman

Here i am realizing the essence of women once again..........

When a girl is born we dont understand our importance, but when a woman is married she realises another self of hers and then again when she becomes mother and bears a child she realises her a more broader prospect.

Yes only a woman can understand the essence of being a mother, carrying an embryo, turning it into a child and then adult human being.

How beautiful it is to make or produce another human being, isnt it????

The lil pain that's involved but filled with endless happiness and joy.

The twists and turns....
The curls and whirls....
The kicks and picks.....
The feeling of growth....
The sensation of our own part.....
The flesh and muscles from me.....
The food that i eat the thought that i think.....
Its just not expressible.....

So be very proud to be a women as you are the only one who can produce another human, another life, another living being......You have that power given specially to women by god and no one else.

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Leaf's Odyssey

Spring is back
So comes back the new tiny leaves on tree
The fresh green leaf highlighted by sun
fresh, raw, unripe, immature leaves

and there was one my leaf
which started its journey from tree branch
right now its admired for its beauty for its freshness
soon it will turn brown, it will grow up

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

beauty of harbinger

A twig of the grass
A drop of the rain
A bloom of the flower
A ray of the sun

It turns out that merely seeing nature can also have a salubrious effect.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


I sometimes wish i get the magic wand in my hand.....
I will encircle it here and there and all my wishes will come true....
I will raise my magic wand and will have heavenly delicious foods on my table...
I will tap in on the floor and my house will become palace.....
I will move it in air and a limousine will stand in front of my house....

but then i gave it a second thought ......

Will my life be so interesting if i get everything so easily.....
will i have same feelings for life if i get everything....
will life be worth living if u have all things in world at ur doorstep....
will the spice of life make u happy.....
will i have same emotions.....
will i have happiness and be sad sumtimes????
will i laugh and cry sumtimes?????
will i be ambitious and crave for things????
i think NO life wont be lively if it is not true life?

so whatever is there in life respect it, enjoy it, 
sumtimes crib sumtimes nag but live life to fullest..

Monday, 2 May 2011

Does it ever feel to you, that you go totally blank...
feeling mirthless and empty....

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Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm here

When the curtain moves in and out.........Life says"I'm here"
When the mobile beeps of alerts.............Life says"I'm here"
When the water rushes down the pipe to tap.........Life says"I'm here"
When the maid rings the bell for work...................Life says"I'm here"
When the sweeper brooms chik chak in house......Life says"I'm here"

Else i am in a closet of 4 doors and 40 windows waiting for him to come and open
and take me out so i can see the Life and say "I'm here."

Saturday, 2 April 2011

do u know

Do u know someone who always cares?.....i do....
Do u know someone who is always there to guide?.......i do....
Do u know anyone who sits beside in bad dreams and in all times?..... i do....
Do u know who guides to be brave to dare?.... i do....
no its no one else other but the one who created me my mother!!!!

and i realized her importance more when i became mother.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Trying to blog.........

Hi all

A mouthful of sky, A fistful of sky, i am sure many of us have always dreamed of that one piece of cake in our lives.
we dream, we wish, we fantasize, sometimes we achieve sometimes we don't and still like a small kid we ask for more, we strive to reach new heights, we try to reach the goal.

I am very ambitious and so is everyone i am sure. i don't want to die without fetching that sky for me. But thinking and doing well its different.....

Life is so beautiful yet complicated, we have one life to live and just can't let it go only living it just like that. I feel some spice has to be there.....

So here to add that spice and zing I start with blogging on my blog, to express my heart, soul, mind with words.  Will scribble and scrabble with words to pour out my thoughts.

Happy blogging!

i love these lines from a old soap opera...
"Earth, Wind, Rain and Fire
Wealth, Power, Blood and Desire
One life to live, Before we die..
One Taste of Glory
One Story
One Mouthful of Sky"

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