Monday, 19 November 2012

Facebook Fan Follower Fanatic a total addict

It dates back to 2009.Hubby was away for work, kids were sleeping taking afternoon nap and i was bored of reading novel, even surfing television, so thought of checking my mails......but that too got over in next 5 mins as i had already checked and replied mails in morning addict as it is i am.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Melbourne, a friend awaits!!!!

Ah! What comes in mind if asked to Tell us what experiences you would love to bring back from Melbourne. Should I tell…..hah-aha well to begin I will have to reveal a long buried secret, the story goes my husband always wanted to have an Australian girlfriend so if I get chance to visit I will bring back a good friendship for myself and for my hubby dear too which will be a strong relationship across countries, cultures, cuisines, and of course thoughts and traditions.
Why I am saying all this is because I have read that Melbourne is an international cultural centre, with cultural endeavours spanning major events and festivals, drama, musicals, comedy, music, art, architecture, literature, film and television. It was the second city after Edinburgh to be named a UNESCO City of Literature  and has thrice shared top position in a survey by The Economist of the world's most livable cities.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a different look out

I am recently giving time to myself, although not much but yes little, actually myself a very lazy person on fitness and good looks for me more important thing is to read and finish the book, i cant sit in parlour to beautify myself nor can i visit spas give me choice i will pick a good book and hide myself in corner so i can finish it off as soon as i can.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

we are sometimes not what we are

We are what we are but sometimes which we don't realize we are what other people around us make of us.
i recently read an article on a blog of one of my favorite author and it was linked to the thought that we are what people around us are or what we become in their company, i read it and realized that yes we never gave it a thought.

Sometimes we say lines which we have heard someone else say or emit  them, we follow people around us unknowingly, we think of people who have left us and try to be like them.
some people give positive and some giving negative thoughts but they change our thinking by being there.
there are people we don't value or think that they can ever have any impact in our lives but later they do have impact in some or the other manner.

There are people you feel are the most important and they suddenly leave you and that brings a change in us, then there are people who we feel are of no use to us and then we realize they are the one's who can only give us the solution to our problem, there are people who come for a while or say for little while in our lives and leave a major turning point for us....
so think of people around us as they help shape you in a way you never give an eye to...

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

self love

ha ha  i know reading this title and imagining what must have written in it amused me. yes but its true i am in self love these days. after few successful years of marriage, 2 kids i have started to fall in love with myself once again. may be the beauty of motherhood is seen on my face which i have realized lately.

yes motherhood is beautiful and looking ur kids grow in front of you who are your own flesh and blood it make me feel proud and so i fall for me. its ages i felt i have seen myself properly in a mirror as kids never give you so much time to look and spend time in front of mirror, but yesterday only when i found a lil time and i was standing in front of mirror i really gave it  a thought and yes i was looking more beautiful than ever thanks to my kids.
so salute the motherhood that made me look more charming and more fresh after running after kids and staying on toes whole day. my treadmill kind of schedules have somewhere enhanced my looks.
well its how you look at urself if u feel u look good yes you do look good and you are the most beautiful person on earth as you are one of the god's creation which is made to order as there is only one you not like two or more like you.
so keep loving yourself and enjoy.
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

jab we met

My experience of our meeting

Almost after a 1 year of online interaction we met. It was a short and sweet meeting that helped us bond stronger.
Almost a year ago I had a message from a newly made friend, checking why there are no updates from me. We had barely known each other, so I couldn’t consider her to be my friend either. Her concern triggered my interrogations. Who are you?  Why you want to know about me? Which place you live? How all this happened and lots and lots of queries.
It all started a year ago when a friend or I don’t know whether its right to call her friend that time as we barely knew each other, so she said there are no updates from my said then started my interrogations on who are you, why you want to know about me, what will you get from this, which place you live, how all this happened and a lot lot lot queries.
She answered all my queries calmly and what I found in each chat session and mails that our wavelength was the same. As we continued to talk I was surprised to know that we understood each other and that we both had got habitual to each other.
We were keen to meet so we can see each other as we were net friends. Finally God helped us meet. She had some work in Ahmadabad and I was passing the same station that same day. Although that involved a bit of waiting for her, for around 1 hr.
I was looking out of train window, as train was approaching Ahmadabad station. I got up from my seat, holding my younger kid in my arm and elder one ahead of me. I reached the door of train, it was slowing down, few passengers were standing inline. They asked me do I want to get down? As I had 2 kids they asked with consideration. I replied yes! I told them that I have to meet someone and reach back in this train so they showed a sweet gesture by saying that in that case you should get down first we will go afterwards. I was too excited.
Train hit platform and started moving slowly, I was looking at each face on the platform. Although I had seen lot of her pics but yet I had doubt whether I will recognize her? After say 1 min I saw a lady talking on phone sitting on a bench. My train was still slowly moving and there that was her, how can I miss it or it’s not possible that I was mistaken, yes she was her.
After another 30 sec my train stopped I rushed down on platform and started moving in her direction, but she was also moving in the same direction, it means we were losing time ….aaaahhhhh that was bad, I shouted Ishaaaaaaaaaa………. But in hustle bustle of train she couldn’t hear me…I increased my speed and suddenly she stopped, she had heard me. I again shouted so she could locate me and we waved hands. I turned around and hoped she understood that I wanted her to follow me to my coach as I had 2 kids and I couldn’t miss the train either. That’s how I reached my coach and so did she, all this happened in span of 50 sec, and finally WE MET.
I hugged her and said “finally we got to see each other”. It was funny, good, beyond explanation. I felt as if I had met a long lost childhood friend and completely forgot that it was our first meeting.
It was truly memorable 15 mins. Till then we had interacted lot with each other online. We didn’t realize that we were meeting for the first time. My elder son was excited to give her a strawberry as a gift for her son. To his bad luck the strawberry fell and he couldn’t give it to her. Soon my husband too joined me and they greeted each other. He left us after introduction and exchange of few words, as he understood that we wanted space. All I want to say is Thankx to my husband.
 After 15 mins my train got green signal and it was time for us to depart.
It was a wonderful meet but we had to move on as we both had commitments to fulfill.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Travel time again for me. ya i am moving to western part of India from northern part of India. Packing makes me think of myself in different context, i feel our days are also like trunks which we sometime open sometimes close as per our need but our lives trunks are opened and closed by that super power which controls our lives. Sometimes trunk of happiness is opened and sometimes its sadness all around. That super power opens the box of happiness and keeps it open for few days till it feels that a spice of turn and sadness is also required so again the box of bit unhappy days are opened also for us. so in short we have to accept whatever comes and let the boxes get open and close but life should move on.....

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

special tea with special friend"

If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be .................................." 

It would undoubtedly be my new found friend. I met her on net, and last month i had posted a verse for her too...."For someone Special"
the tea will be our first meet as we have not yet met each other and the cup of tea will be our platform to meet. so i feel a cup of tea and piece of cake when shared between two friends specially who have not yet met but have become so nice of friends it will help to build our bond stronger and friendship better.
A cup of tea can change the thought of any person and chats on tea help people spend time together and know each other properly. it is value time which we can give each other along with lighter moments of life.
We are so longing to have tea together that the tea is going to be very very special, its my wish for today that we get to enjoy our sips along with cake.

long live our friendships and long live my friend.
our friendship is one of a kind and so will this tea with cake be.
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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chaotic Silence

Its silence all around me, but my mind is making noises.
Noises that cant be heard outside,
but my mind is like a market where every thought is bargaining,
every thought wants it to be on priority,
whom should i give importance....
blank .....cant think anymore
But i want peace of mind
where can i find
I am restless so is my mind and soul
I want to do what i had never done before
But my mind is not ready for this change
This way my life is just letting go by and i can't hold
I need that extra support
The extra attention i need
I want u to listen to me
Can u lend me your ear
Can I ask you for some time
so we can put my mind to rest
Its been walking and runing
since days and years
I now need the stable mind
where I can think again but now in total peace
Peace in and out

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