Friday, 2 August 2013

Multitasking MOM

As a super mom we have to multitask at every point and time. Monsoons are on and so are virus...
few days back my elder one got fever and had to take leave form school because of that after 5 days when he got relieved the younger one caught the virus and i was in a spin. hubby also out for official tour.
I really had a tough time, I am sure all moms must have faced this situation once in a life. When my younger got fever it was worse, as i had to make my elder one finish his pending work of school as well as give undivided attention to younger one.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

safe escape...

I recently had a timely escape from haridwar the day all the kedarnath water started creating chaos and trouble to people. we decided for a haridwar and rishikesh jsut 2 days before as it was Sunday and then after school reopens we wont be able to plan specially to visit. so we finalised and started at 5 in the morning from my destination which is 150 km from haridwar.....driver ofcourse my hubby who can drive miles for his family. had our breakfast packed in case we dont find any good outlet.....after say half an hour it started raining and we switched to our packed breakfast and tea within the car. the rain was not in a mood to stop so we kept on driving hoping it will once we reach haridwar.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Last 15 years life has take a huge and steep turn...everything has changed beneath roots. I still remember my 1st mobile i purchased with my salary in 1998 and today my kid operates touch screen at age of 5. For 2G kids of today things which were of luxury or entertainment or not basic in need have become by default items. they simply say why is this not available or why is it not possible to get it on this earth. They don't know any struggle or pain. I sometimes feel bad about it. good that we as parents are able to provide them with all the latest electronic gadgets, the the entertainment machines, be it mobile, play stations, PSP, tablets, you name a thing and they are sure to get it.

Small steps towards healthy you

Few steps in daily life which can give boost to health and lifestyle. warm water with honey Gargling with salt water 8 glasses of wate...