Tuesday, 24 January 2012

special tea with special friend


If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be .................................." 

It would undoubtedly be my new found friend. I met her on net, and last month i had posted a verse for her too...."For someone Special"
the tea will be our first meet as we have not yet met each other and the cup of tea will be our platform to meet. so i feel a cup of tea and piece of cake when shared between two friends specially who have not yet met but have become so nice of friends it will help to build our bond stronger and friendship better.
A cup of tea can change the thought of any person and chats on tea help people spend time together and know each other properly. it is value time which we can give each other along with lighter moments of life.
We are so longing to have tea together that the tea is going to be very very special, its my wish for today that we get to enjoy our sips along with cake.

long live our friendships and long live my friend.
our friendship is one of a kind and so will this tea with cake be.
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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chaotic Silence

Its silence all around me, but my mind is making noises.
Noises that cant be heard outside,
but my mind is like a market where every thought is bargaining,
every thought wants it to be on priority,
whom should i give importance....
blank .....cant think anymore
But i want peace of mind
where can i find
I am restless so is my mind and soul
I want to do what i had never done before
But my mind is not ready for this change
This way my life is just letting go by and i can't hold
I need that extra support
The extra attention i need
I want u to listen to me
Can u lend me your ear
Can I ask you for some time
so we can put my mind to rest
Its been walking and runing
since days and years
I now need the stable mind
where I can think again but now in total peace
Peace in and out

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