Saturday, 5 November 2016

Small steps towards healthy you

Few steps in daily life which can give boost to health and lifestyle.

  • warm water with honey
  • Gargling with salt water
  • 8 glasses of water a day, take it as 2 glass water 4 times (day-noon, evening-night)
  • squeeze and release stomach and butt while sitting or working at home
  • Deep Breathing when you get time.
  • Oil + salt massage for clears tan
  • Less or limited intake of salt
Some basic exercises
  • Touching toes from left & right while standing.
  • Lie on back & raise to touch knees/ raise legs to ceiling.
  • Bend & Touch palms on floor
  • Touch toes with hand and knees with head
  • Lie on left side, raise right leg repeat same with right side and left leg.
  • Strech arms, legs extended, shoulders back, raise high.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Vision 2050

70 years young and still growing. 
I love her grace, her beauty, her culture and specially her.
I love India and imagining it 30+ future gives a bright smile on my face.

I see her as largest economy of the it GDP or brexit, we are now heading to top.
Have even read the united nations saying that India will dominate growth in coming years.

population too will increase but so will be the jobs and growth. Can imagine rupee above dollar, Indian sensex being traded by other economies, people in long line to get Indian visa...and its not that difficult to just fantasize, its possible the "sone ki chidiya" will again have her gold with diamond shine this time. 

Education, Healthcare, Technology all we are progressing and i can imagine "make in India" tags in new york markets and walmart world wide.

People are changing and so are ways to work. We all are trying to see India on top. We are growing in military terms, as well as culturally. We have not kept any corner untouched and striving for all round growth and change. The traditions, culture and history are our pearls in the necklace that give us strong roots to grow on. As it is said the base has to be strong for tree or building to we stand with out rich culture and history that makes the base stronger to grow further and farther.

Monday, 10 October 2016

True Love

"True Love" is it magical or practical, is it virtual or sensitive, it can be anything any moment any person or any feeling....

It can be that first person you feel is the one or it can be that beautiful place you always wanted to visit and you are now enjoying its feel, it can be a 'Book" or a things you can't live without.

Asking me if i have to select my True Love in one thing well this task gets difficult, but after a long thought i select my computer, my creative space, my day night hangout place, my world, my work station, my everything.

I write this blog from computer, I work from there, I connect with virtual world from here only. This is the place i had created my creations, my creative works, my designs, my ideas.

Its my true love coz i cant stay without my computer my work place, which i worship from soul. It make me complete as i love writing and since writing is my passion my writing table, my computer is very special to me.

There are lot of people who are my love in life but this gadget has stored my happiness, my sorrows, has helped me express my views all my life. I have found my passion to write with this only.

It makes me special because my computer make me "ME" the real me, i have found who I am and what i can do.

True love is something you think of everyday, every moment and this is what makes me think, it inspires me to think, explore and be Creative.

Talking about love of writing even reading is inseparable love of mine coz reading only inspires me to write, and having a room of books around me what i would love next.....

Friday, 9 September 2016

Bucket List. aka wish List

Aaah....Wish list...wishing i complete it all before i move on...its random list....

1. Tu run a restaurant....this wish is in corner of my head and heart since i was in school....

2. writing a fiction novel.

3. To visit Australia, Austria, Vegas....

4. Visit the beautiful beaches of Seychelles, Maldives and take sun bath near my cottage.

5. To work for women empowerment and upliftment.

6. Be a busy prolific blogger and my blogs be known world wide.

7. To do my best to make my loved one's happy, healthy, successful. Be a lot more caring and loving.

8. To be cared by more people so i can spread happiness among all...and they know me.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

“Godliness in Greenery”

“Godliness in Greenery”
So true to core. If we love god we should first be lover of our own surroundings, protector of nature, care taker of mother nature.

My family welcomes Ganesha on auspicious day of ganpati chaturthi and since childhood we are taught about all the preparations that begin a week ahead of the chaturthi.

Yes we take care that house is cleaned so is the temple and all surroundings but never on the cost of troubling environment. Since childhood in Indian culture or anywhere kids are taught that God made us, God made this nature and beautiful Earth so how can we not be with nature if celebrating for ourselves.

Call it God or the supreme deity or that super natural power who controls the day to day life.
We should be thankful to all for our presence.
The presence of the power is everywhere be it Sun, Sea, Sand or Sky.

Power/ God is everywhere, in all living happenings and activities around us.
And so we need to take care of all of these.
Be it plants we keep to decorate our house, in pets we keep, in books we read.
The people those who visit our homes or whom we meet.
Be it the helper, maid, paper-vendor, milkman all who help us are important to us and they need to be thanked. Whoever we meet be it vegetable or grocer, shopkeeper or vendor...all in some or the other way effect our life. God have sent them in our lives for some purpose so we should be thankful to them and realize there presence and thank God for them as they are his creations too.

To protect and save nature along with living beings we need to keep non living things too clean n cared.
Be it the road we walk, or water we drink or use.

It has to come naturally from within to protect and care our surroundings,
keep them clean, respect every being.

We have not formed this nature so its our first responsibility to take care of what we got free of cost else we will have to pay later. We should take care that our leisure of celebrations should not harm it in any way.

If we harm the sea river lakes by putting garbage we are harming all aquatic animals in it and this means we are exploiting nature and creations of God which we have no right to do.
If we harm animals around us or spread litter we are not helping to maintain beauty of nature, we are exploiting the resources available to us again for which we don't have right.

If we have not created those natural springs and spaces then we don't either have right to spoil them.

When festivals are around i had tried my best to put in my effort...since last year i go for Eco friendly material Ganesha idol which is made up of mud/ soil instead of POP which is harmful for water creatures.
We never realized this but its the high time now. The POP made idols just create harm to all aquatic creatures and we just shed our responsibility..No no more now.

So make it a point to buy the biodegradable idol or material which will not harm aqua life, the sea, the lakes.
Make it a point to burn soft crackers instead of bomb n waste money in burning. i myself never understood what fun people get in burning money in way of crackers. I personally don't blow crackers instead just love to lit diyas and candles and thank god for all the light we have.

We should Thank god for the trees around us which gives us daily oxygen, just imagine a minute without oxygen and you will realize its not easy. so instead take care of environment and Thank the power of earth the nature around us.

Celebrate cracker free Diwali or instead have small pooled cracker show instead of taking part in more the merrier competition. Celebrate ganesh chaturthi and durga puja with Eco friendly idols instead of competing on size and decor.

The celebration should be from soul and faith and "shradhha" and not to show off.
we have to worship from within not just to show the world that we did.
We have no right to spoil what we have not created.

why just festivals otherwise also we need to protect earth in every possible way. Last year i visited mountains and was sad to see the growing hotel industry after cutting trees. If we have not created the mountains what right do we have to cut them.

God and its worship is in taking care....Godliness is in greenery, in protecting nature and environment. and make earth a more better place to live for our future generations. God is everywhere the saying told to us as children still is applicable. The holy books too say that"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" .
There is an super power protecting us so lets also protect us. Lets worship and take care of all living or non living things around us. Be more responsible and reliable citizens.
Maintaining cleanliness leads us to become more humane humans.
We have to be physically, mentally as well as socially clean.

Lots of efforts are being taken what we just need to do is add out bit and support the cause.
Instead of just cribbing its now our duty to see that we are no harming even a single being or things.

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