Readings i flip thru

I am a bookoholic.....before i start posting my reviews on books i had read...its just a list I'm Sharing i dip myself into. will try to put review but will take time to do that....soon

  • The kite runner By khaleed hussini
  • A romance with chaos By nishant kaushik

  • My Name is MINA  By David almond
  • Where Rainbows End     by Cecilia ahern
  • The Fountainhead By Ayn Ryand
  • One Night at the call center By Chetan Bhagat
  • 2 States By Chetan Bhagat
  • 5 Point Someone By Chetan Bhagat
  • The 3 mistakes of my life By Chetan Bhagat
  • The Secret By Rhonda Byrne
  • I too had a love story By Ravinder Singh
  • If God was a banker By Ravi Subramanian
  • The winner stands alone By paulo Coelho
  • The Alchemeist By Paulo Coelho
  • Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho
  • Aleph By Paulo Coelho
  • Brida By Paulo Coelho
  • The Zahir By Paulo Coelho
  • The witch of portobello By Paulo Coelho
  • She broke up I didn't By Durjoy Dutta
  • Shantaram By Gregory David Roberts
  • Eclipse By Stephenie Meyer
  • Twilight By Stephanie Meyer
  • Anything for you Ma'am By Tushar Raheja
  • Dear John By Nicholas Sparks
  • Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson
  • Catch 22 By Joseph Heller
  • The White Tiger By Aravinda Adiga
  • A lot Like love....A lil' like chocolate By Sumrit Sahni


#  Parents are the barometer of emotions for children and it has a domino effect.

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