Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Trying to blog.........

Hi all

A mouthful of sky, A fistful of sky, i am sure many of us have always dreamed of that one piece of cake in our lives.
we dream, we wish, we fantasize, sometimes we achieve sometimes we don't and still like a small kid we ask for more, we strive to reach new heights, we try to reach the goal.

I am very ambitious and so is everyone i am sure. i don't want to die without fetching that sky for me. But thinking and doing well its different.....

Life is so beautiful yet complicated, we have one life to live and just can't let it go only living it just like that. I feel some spice has to be there.....

So here to add that spice and zing I start with blogging on my blog, to express my heart, soul, mind with words.  Will scribble and scrabble with words to pour out my thoughts.

Happy blogging!

i love these lines from a old soap opera...
"Earth, Wind, Rain and Fire
Wealth, Power, Blood and Desire
One life to live, Before we die..
One Taste of Glory
One Story
One Mouthful of Sky"
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