Tuesday, 12 July 2011

5 yrs & my life changd 4ever

It's been 5 yrs she saw and met her life partner......time flies......today she  can only thank God for helping her meet him and letting him be in her  life..................

Life won’t be same if u would not have been here so near
No I am not saying this coz I am dependent on u
But bcoz more than that I love u so long to be near

How would my life be?
Without those stares and snores
Without those wet towels and foot prints on floors

How would my life be?
Without u sitting patiently to listen my nagging and cravings
Without u giving tips and instructions in my workings

How would my life be?
I cant imagine it
Without your car and credit cards
Without long drives and beach besides

What would my life be?
When I was at a new place on my first bride night
When I blasted the cooker on first dinner night

How would my life be?
Without your never ending last drinks
And without your latest humorous tricks

How would my life be?
When u r romantic on least expected days
And keep on encouraging me on all required days

How would my life be?
Without u to hold me when I delivered our bundle of joy
Without you to make up after a silly fight of my cry

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