Friday, 2 August 2013

Multitasking MOM

As a super mom we have to multitask at every point and time. Monsoons are on and so are virus...
few days back my elder one got fever and had to take leave form school because of that after 5 days when he got relieved the younger one caught the virus and i was in a spin. hubby also out for official tour.
I really had a tough time, I am sure all moms must have faced this situation once in a life. When my younger got fever it was worse, as i had to make my elder one finish his pending work of school as well as give undivided attention to younger one.

One night it was like I cried aloud as it was beyond my handling. I fed my elder one and asked him to lie down on bed ( he don't sleep till I cuddle him up). so he was lying and waiting for me to finish work and join him. I made younger ones food and started feeding him, and suddenly he felt a blob in throat and was about to vomit out everything, I picked him up and rushed to the washroom where he relieved himself and he was fine, I brought him back and made him sit on bed, gave him water. my elder one in the mean time was after me to come and make him sleep.

AND everything was chaotic in seconds, my younger one had a vomit round again, to take him back to washroom, I slipped on bean bag and the whole food was spread on me+bean bag+ bed sheet, watching all this my elder one started crying as he thought mom fell and has injured and then watching him the younger one also started crying and watching all going out of my hand even i felt like crying.

I some how composed myself as I have to clean all, clean my younger one, console elder one, give both their medicines, put both to sleep, have my food then only my day will come to an end....

I wiped my tears and started with first consoling both kids that all was well then only i started cleaning although it was a big mess by then, I was not sure where to start from and at night i was also running out of time, still I gave myself a though that they both are my kids, for whom the whole world is in me, I have to help myself then only can I help them. slowly i cleaned, wiped, fed kid and even put both to sleep after there doses of medications and then only I thanked god for giving me this strength which I am sure only a mother can possess.

Thanks for making mothers and thanks for making me a mother to understand the fact that its not easy being a mother, we also a learn a lot in the process.

happy motherhood!!!!

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