Friday, 29 May 2015

Books books & more books...

Going to library is something which refreshes me like any best of the perfume can do to someone.
i went to library today after 6 months as after my second kid i was not able to give time to reading and there i was totally lost. which book to pick and which to leave. it was hard and i was in pool of letters i wanted to stay there only. so i picked up a recent purchase of library and came out. wanna finish the book so i can again go bk and fulfill my urge that was left behind last few months.

as i said after 6 months i was reading a book i was suggested to buy a tab or kindle to read but then i gave a thought.......can book be ever compared to electronic gadget?

going to library and searching for book is some kind of beautiful feeling getting lost in pool of books wow.... is it possible in kindle store????no no no.
if really want to save paper better plant a tree, but books are must and nothing can be compared to them.
for me kindle instead of book is like eating spirulina capsule instead of hot stuffed mouthwatering paratha.

the feel the smell the touch of book is something we can never get in electronic gadgets. the envy feel or jealous feel to see others books, the feel on others face when they see or book all this will be missing if all will carry gadgets only like laptops, tabs, kindle, eBook with them.

putting book marks or dog earing books are some things that will be missed a lot. so books are only books and nothing to beat them nothing to replace them. when you see a book they come in different sizes, different covers, different width, different looks, pages, can this be available in kindle or tab? not at all. tab or ebook have a standard size so when it comes to books, size does matter, looks do matter.

for sure a live book is something no electronic gadget can ever beat. i can read book on table, lying down, sitting, in bus, in train, plane, waiting line, queues, while eating, but its not always possible with kindle, as there is fear of it getting dropped or battery discharge. also the feel of beautiful bookmarks which i make for myself where will i mark them in kindle???no way.
sharing of personal collection is like sharing your diamond ring so a big no no will i share my kindle ever will you????????? a big no.
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