Tuesday, 7 July 2015

monsoon once again!!!!!

yes its monsoon time again
rains, water, rainbows, romance, wetness, song, 
so there are "n" number of reasons one loves rain or say this season....
people i have met are always crazy when they think of rainy season...

romance is all related to this mausam or climate...

but but but..... there is always an exception isnt it????
i personally hate rains
lot of reasons so thought i will write about them

i think rains or rainy season is good only if you are looking at it from your window or balcony....once you get down or put your foot on ground the definition changes.
  • Its all wet
  • Its muddy, dirty, filthy
  • With kids they have all kinds of stains on there dress which don't go by any detergent, brush scrub it only spoils the cloth.
  • Its smelly and sweaty
  • If more people come together at one place in this season its all smelly
  • Clothes don't dry even if you keep them under fan after drying in washing machine, and one has to wash clothes daily so its heaps of clothes on clothes line and everywhere in house.
  • Viral infections, sneezing, jaundice, dengue all these happen in rainy season only. 
  • OPD of clinics and hospitals is crowded these days.
  • Traffic jams
  • Water clogging, seepage, leakage all this are at high.
  • Even rikshaw wala are not ready to leave you to destinations or else they charge whatever they want.
  • Buses trains are late
  • humid humid only humidity all around
  • SAD syndrome, makes u dull...atleast me
  • water borne diseases, boiled water, no street food
  • floods, cloud burst
  • cancellation of programmes
  • worms of all kinds coming from no where

All in all i like to see the droplets on windowpane but ahead of it is difficulty in driving too.
I like the smell of soil after rain but then it will all convert into quagmire, puddle, mud.
I will say monsoons are good to see in TV only or only if u see and enjoy it from your window.
I know its important for crops to rain, its required for earth to have water levels maintained through rains. I just cant stand the after effects of rain. otherwise rains are beautiful as they are one of the natural resources of earth.

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