Wednesday, 14 May 2014

this generation kids need time

Hi, I am like any other child, dear to my parents, and studying in an international school. My parents love me so much that they never turn down any of my demands; I have I-pods, play stations, a jazzy car and what not! But none of this catches my fancy any more u know why? They see to it that I get whatever I want. I am never denied of anything. Is it the true way to love?
But Still I am not happy. I have permission to take my friends to movies, cafes, mc Donald’s and pizzerias’ and organize parties everything I would want to do. But still I am not satisfied, what I really need is their company more than anything else. But my parents don’t have any time in their nine-to-eight schedule and their after work social hours, for me. Without their moral support, I have grown to be an amoral kid and have come to a passive attitude towards life.  I have become stubborn and adamant in a way. Would I have not been far better off, with          parents who could lend their time and support to me instead of their bank balance and materialistic approach.
I just want to tell all parents that I am not the only one but there are many children who are looking for a caring hand rather than materialistic pleasures. So, give your children your love and care and not materialistic comfort.

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