Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Life is all about making choices

its all about making choices, but how to judge whether our choice which we selected is good or bad, OR right or wrong.
WE make choices to live,

we make choices to adjust,
we make choices to succeed,
we make choices to try,
we make choices to stay ahead,
we make choices to prove better,
we make choices to experiment,
we make choices to lead,
we make choices to stay happy,
we make choices tolook good,
we make choices to be smart,
we make choices to buy,
we make choices to eat, drink
we always make choices.....
we make choices to choose.

But whatever we choose is it right or wrong, how to judge that.
I made a choice so as to help others but then it is creating problem in my life.....so whether my choice was correct or not???
I made choice to avoid argument, but it lead to misunderstanding between me and my freind, was my choice correct or wrong???
Some times we choose because of social pressure but then on personal front we are hurt so ws it a better choice or worse????

WE make choices but then it seems choices choose us to prove themselves.
Sometimes we are happy for what we choose but sometimes we regret that we chose....
SO who's to decide on this????

So after making choice how to choose the choice????

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