Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chaotic Silence

Its silence all around me, but my mind is making noises.
Noises that cant be heard outside,
but my mind is like a market where every thought is bargaining,
every thought wants it to be on priority,
whom should i give importance....
blank .....cant think anymore
But i want peace of mind
where can i find
I am restless so is my mind and soul
I want to do what i had never done before
But my mind is not ready for this change
This way my life is just letting go by and i can't hold
I need that extra support
The extra attention i need
I want u to listen to me
Can u lend me your ear
Can I ask you for some time
so we can put my mind to rest
Its been walking and runing
since days and years
I now need the stable mind
where I can think again but now in total peace
Peace in and out

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