Thursday, 19 July 2012

self love

ha ha  i know reading this title and imagining what must have written in it amused me. yes but its true i am in self love these days. after few successful years of marriage, 2 kids i have started to fall in love with myself once again. may be the beauty of motherhood is seen on my face which i have realized lately.

yes motherhood is beautiful and looking ur kids grow in front of you who are your own flesh and blood it make me feel proud and so i fall for me. its ages i felt i have seen myself properly in a mirror as kids never give you so much time to look and spend time in front of mirror, but yesterday only when i found a lil time and i was standing in front of mirror i really gave it  a thought and yes i was looking more beautiful than ever thanks to my kids.
so salute the motherhood that made me look more charming and more fresh after running after kids and staying on toes whole day. my treadmill kind of schedules have somewhere enhanced my looks.
well its how you look at urself if u feel u look good yes you do look good and you are the most beautiful person on earth as you are one of the god's creation which is made to order as there is only one you not like two or more like you.
so keep loving yourself and enjoy.
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