Wednesday, 1 August 2012

we are sometimes not what we are

We are what we are but sometimes which we don't realize we are what other people around us make of us.
i recently read an article on a blog of one of my favorite author and it was linked to the thought that we are what people around us are or what we become in their company, i read it and realized that yes we never gave it a thought.

Sometimes we say lines which we have heard someone else say or emit  them, we follow people around us unknowingly, we think of people who have left us and try to be like them.
some people give positive and some giving negative thoughts but they change our thinking by being there.
there are people we don't value or think that they can ever have any impact in our lives but later they do have impact in some or the other manner.

There are people you feel are the most important and they suddenly leave you and that brings a change in us, then there are people who we feel are of no use to us and then we realize they are the one's who can only give us the solution to our problem, there are people who come for a while or say for little while in our lives and leave a major turning point for us....
so think of people around us as they help shape you in a way you never give an eye to...

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