Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a different look out

I am recently giving time to myself, although not much but yes little, actually myself a very lazy person on fitness and good looks for me more important thing is to read and finish the book, i cant sit in parlour to beautify myself nor can i visit spas give me choice i will pick a good book and hide myself in corner so i can finish it off as soon as i can.


but lately thanks to a Doctor neighbour cum friend coz of kids in same school I am taking walks. and i am amazed to see i am actually enjoying them. i have started feeling toned up, i am glowing without any facials, i am looking more fit and fine. and while walking i realised that i am living in such beautiful surrounding that if i am not walking i am doing injustice to the place. yes u must be surprised whats so in place well i live near serene beauty and open surroundings in this time of closed apartments and no greenery. i am surprised why i never saw the beautiful side of the locality. the green trees endless trees which in cities you cant see in plenty, different kinds of birds and animals around me, no i am not k\joiking i an see kingfishers, i was shocked to search about this place that it is The Bird Watchers Paradise.
  • Imperial Eagle,
  • Indian Pond Hero,
  • Indian Robin,
  • Purple Moorhen ,
  • Common Crane,
  • Demoisele Crane,
  • Pin tail,
  • Painted Stork,
  • Shoveler,
  • Wigeon Duck,
and many more whose name i don't even remember are seen around me and i never saw them. not only this also
  • Peacocks
  • Blue Bulls 
  • Jackal
  • Wolf
  • Jungle cat
  • Mongoose
  • Rabbits
  • Cobra, etc
are my neighbours or say live near me.
thanks to walks that help me explore myself in fitness and my surrounding in natural beauty.
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