Monday, 19 November 2012

Facebook Fan Follower Fanatic a total addict

It dates back to 2009.Hubby was away for work, kids were sleeping taking afternoon nap and i was bored of reading novel, even surfing television, so thought of checking my mails......but that too got over in next 5 mins as i had already checked and replied mails in morning addict as it is i am.
I was planning to write something and suddenly saw a mail which i had long back discarded and send to trash which said 'so and so invite you to Facebook', i generally never see such invites but that day being  lazy one I thought I should give it a try and see what Facebook is all about as i had read about it a lot being a social platform in newspaper article too.  I opened Facebook and it asked me for sign up, it was such a small form that forced me to fill it there and then as it was no lengthy registration requirement so i did it.....and there i was in web of net. I had few invites already who had contacted me via my mail id. I saw there profiles and was so much excited to see all my known ones on same platform, that made me realize that I joined this forum very late. But never mind I was in pool of addiction. Soon I was able to find many of my friends and acquaintances....even school and college friends whom i had lost touch because of transfers. Then i went back to my mail and saw more invites which were from Facebook.Not only this as it was only the beginning and Facebook was provoking me to play something and then I turned around to see whether my kids are sleeping or awake but they were in deep sleep snuggled in blankets as it was too cold. So i again took step of saying yes to a game invitee and I landed on farm ville. Now what to do? I saw help and after that there was no looking back. [Facebook games are addictive and user friendly to use]I was glued to my computer and was inviting new friends to help me build my dream farm and to my surprise many of them were already playing and accepted it immediately. Well had to give it break as kids were up by then. Again in night came back but my crops were destroyed that made me realize there are many options for that and then it was like I was farming and trading for my personal farm. To the right of my farm there were many other offers too which help me make my dream cafe and zoo too. I made some stranger friends too just to complete missions and minimum requirements to aquire more lands or unlock crops and coffee's. I was so addicted that 24 hours my system was on just to check back whats happening on my farm,  I use to collect my crops in time and it was so much fun that i didn't realise my maximum time of the day was consumed or say wasted in that only.
Even when lights were out i operated it on invertor....i was engrossed in Facebook. Searching for long lost friends, many whom i forgot by name or by face, started coming to mind and it was great to meet and chat with all. even i was far but i was in touch and more so we were able to share our lives pictures updates with them.Thanks to technology life is made simple and exciting too. Its great sitting on one system you can peep in your friends life as if they were your neighbors and it was so much exciting i cant explain. I will thank Facebook for helping me find my friends and thanks for letting me stay in touch with them inspite of the distances.Today i am friends with 300+ friends, school, college, office, acquaintances, hardly is anybody who is not in contact  with me. It helps you remind their birthdays, anniversaries, their special days. The first day pictures of new born babies are all so cuddly and sweet, Your friends gets married you miss to attend it but you no more have to wait to go her/his place to see the pics....the very nest day they are on FB.Its all b'coz of FB that world has become a small place and beautiful too.
I'm loving it.... I'm addicted to it but then whats the harm being social.
My day begins with FB and ends with it too.....After all man is a social animal. Haven't we read it in EVS when we were small.......

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