Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Last 15 years life has take a huge and steep turn...everything has changed beneath roots. I still remember my 1st mobile i purchased with my salary in 1998 and today my kid operates touch screen at age of 5. For 2G kids of today things which were of luxury or entertainment or not basic in need have become by default items. they simply say why is this not available or why is it not possible to get it on this earth. They don't know any struggle or pain. I sometimes feel bad about it. good that we as parents are able to provide them with all the latest electronic gadgets, the the entertainment machines, be it mobile, play stations, PSP, tablets, you name a thing and they are sure to get it.

Is this what is 'kalyug'? i really feel sad for how to make these kids fight there own fight. they are in a world of psycho fancy. they dont need interactions, they dont need company, they dont need struggle of lines and queues, they dont want to begin job @ 50000 or less, they cant listen to NO.
My son started this year in new school, he was not very happy initially in new environment, but official commitments made him transfer the school......the tie went on and these were his made to order school routine he wanted, the endless demands.
1. you drop me to school and i will return in bus.
2. there are lot of books so ask the teacher to make me study only 4 books in a day.
3. There are notebooks also for every subject so please ask teacher to use only 2-3 in a day.
4. i will sit alone so ask them to make a single seat available for me.
5. having lunch he says either give me mobile or tell me astory, of course i switch to latter but talking of terms he has.

endless requirements that to junior school student.
hmmm he needs a made to order classroom

in our time could we expect any of these or dare we ask our parents for all these instead we had a respect and fear of teacher for study not the ambiance.

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