Tuesday, 25 June 2013

safe escape...

I recently had a timely escape from haridwar the day all the kedarnath water started creating chaos and trouble to people. we decided for a haridwar and rishikesh jsut 2 days before as it was Sunday and then after school reopens we wont be able to plan specially to visit. so we finalised and started at 5 in the morning from my destination which is 150 km from haridwar.....driver ofcourse my hubby who can drive miles for his family. had our breakfast packed in case we dont find any good outlet.....after say half an hour it started raining and we switched to our packed breakfast and tea within the car. the rain was not in a mood to stop so we kept on driving hoping it will once we reach haridwar.

finally driving in rain only we reached half way and it poured more fiercely. so we took a halt near a dhaba as it was getting real difficult to drive by then, lot of people were waiting there for rain to finish its quota of the day.
after say another half an hour of tea and biscuits we moved ahead it was now getting chilly and i regretted that i had not bought full sleeves for my 2 kiddos. well cant do anything now.....regret sorry...
well we reached haridwar and from the haridwar entry point to har ki paudi it took us double the time we had traveled, and we were surprised on traffic jam we saw. some how we managed to reach teh parking spot and to our luck the rain had taken a break and allowed us to touch the holy river ganges, but the water so so so dirty and muddy i cant believe my eyes. the flow was unstoppable but the mud was unimaginable, that too with wood pieces, burnt ashes, leaves, sticks, slippers, whatever u can not imagine at god's doorstep. anyways i didn't bath as i was not having courage to get in such cold and dirty water but as its our holy Ganges i performed puja with family and took water in hands and folded my hands....after all the procedure we had to do we moved back to parking lot and as soon we were to get in car it poured heavily in sudden gust that we were not able to get inside, so we stood aside waiting and discussing on why its raining so much on the very day we planned to visit. in all this we cancelled our rishikesh trip as the rains we a hurdle for the day.

after a small tea break again we started to move back to home. there was a huge jam and we were struck for an hour again and were wondering why the hell is this happening, unaware of the events that was making news. after another hour out of traffic jam we moved ahead in rain that was in just no mood to stop itself. it was raining and only raining continuously, making it difficult to drive. parking lights were on, on all the cars as we cant see anything neither of others. raining and only raining, wipers on, windows closed, kids got lil cranky and irritated. the intensity of rain was only increasing. after an hours struggling drive we reached the highway but traffic jams, clogs were with us only. suddenly the jam increased and there were long queues of cars. at an old bridge we saw lot of people trying to see something, alongside Ganges river was flowing at full speed with us, there were local police, army personnel, some guards, media, JCB's to repair and create heaps of mud on the sides, it all confused us. we thought it seems to be some accident but there was no sight of accident, we were lil afraid too but moved ahead at small pace along with traffic ahead of us. water was flowing on roads and we could see water in all the farms and also low line shops. the floor banners were all fallen to water. still we moved ahead. at a point rain again sped up and we thought lets stop and take another halt as it was getting risky but my hubby's 6th sense said no we should go ahead and leave this area ASAP. although we were tired and irritated but ok we decided to move and kept moving. before our destination was to arrive we stopped at an eating joint as it was too late now for lunch and all of us were hungry because of driving, even driver dear was tired of continuous and difficult driving, we had left uttaranchal by then and had entered UP. after a snack round and tit bit we reached home tired. discussions were going on the night went of.
Early morning we had the shock of our life to see news and newspaper that were flooded with the so called 'tabahi' in uttarakhand. i can only say it was timely escape for all of us now when i see the news and experiences of people. the 6th sense saved us then we realized that ll that force was because they were aware of the problem happened in kedarnath and were there to control floods in near by villages.

i can right now only thank god for my families luck coz of which we are all safe in our home watching the kedarnath disaster may be a few hours more or may be we had decided to move ahead rishikesh we would have stuck in between somewhere. i feel bad for all those people stuck there and those who lost there lives.

after all this I feel bad because why God does so, those people who went to see him and his temple were the victims, but hose who are culprits, rapist, those who performed theft on dead bodies there also are all free to live, why god don't give punishment to them??? why all this happens on religious places if god is everywhere he should first protect those who came to visit him isnt' it???

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