Friday, 27 June 2014

solution oriented way of approaching problem

The title is something i recently read in my fresh read book, and i fell for it.
i just loved this positive line which i feel sometimes we don't incorporate in our lives.
Everyone just everyone you, me he, she all think there or say our problem is the biggest we are the only one struggling and facing life the way it is but if we really see the line of solution orientation our life can take a twist.

Grass is said to be greener always on the other or say opposite side so its always that we think that our problem has just no solution while its truth that solution lies then and there.
its truly said that no lock comes without a key so simple there is solution to all...

I realized this personally in my life a little late but agreed that we need to find solution to all prob on our own then only life will be great to live.

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