Friday, 1 August 2014

vanishing writing

A few days back i wrote a article for some emcee, and then i firstly wrote it in word then decided to jot it down on a piece of paper.....when all work was done i realized it little tiring to write it down on paper, does this happen with everyone????

We are forgetting to write, I am fond of writing letters so once in a month I do write but i saw many people who only hold the pen to either sign or underline, we no more write....if this goes on humans will soon forget what is the art of writing as they will only know how to type and press buttons on keyboard.

My world has changed, I am more into typing and i feel if this continues my beautiful handwriting skills will fade in me.

So in short it seems that technology is hampering the good old writing habit of an individual. The use of pen with a paper in hand, sitting at window side and thinking with a cup of coffee will no more exist, and will become a long gone art, which our future tech savvy kids wont even understand. 

The education also has become all net based and online classroom will soon make us forget writing notes, oh i will surely miss it, as i personally love writing be it diary, letter, notes.

I still remember my school days when we use to write long notes and decorate them with highlighter or underline with different colored pen, and then there use to be competition on who's notes are the based( shhhh... i am not praising myself but my notes of class 11th and 12th were the best in my class and my teacher even asked me to give her them after school was over) 
I am still having one of my register i had prepared notes in. We had to hide them in bag so no other kid should copy them, ahhh good old school days.

Now a days kids are tired of writing specially my kid oh he is never ready to write ques ans....he hates it, says why cant i just read them.

i can just wish that writing should never get out of fashion and this art be always with the humans as this shows the beauty of our hands and power of pen that can be expressing our thoughts.

What do you prefer typing or handwriting???
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