Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Not so lucky

Lately i don't know why nothing is happening as i want it to be, things are totally opposite of expected. I am getting irritated as you have to always solve the problems in front and things are just not under control.
Still being  a woman, i have to keep up with everything also i have 4 kids at home yes..........2 small 2 big(elders) and hubby not around official travel u see....
so beginning from morning something is there for me to create problem, either my kid will refuse to go to school for no good reason, or i will get an urgent call to reach for some social work responsibility and then i have to leave all personal tasks for that.....on top of i broke my car as i am feeling low. again an elder at home is hospitalized for unidentified prob so more tests and all that. i am like feeling why on earth things trouble single women. hubby only talks on phone or sms well that's soothing but practically only i have to run and things are not in control.
if i talk to some friend they start delivering lectures on positive thinking and few will even ask me to do yoga, tell me where to do? in hospital or while running here and there for different tasks.
i will add i feel it may be also SAD there's something called seasonal affective disorder, is it bcoz of that i am feeling low and things are not in [proper coordination or its me who is incapable? don't know don't have time to think see just now maid also called and to my fear she is going for 10 day holiday as some sad demise at her place too.....ufff
so i have to be maid too, baby sitter, care taker and other endless duties. i never fear from work but would enjoy doing all if thing are in well coordination atleast for me. Oh god till when testing times will continue?
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