Tuesday, 2 September 2014

kids amaze always

there are lot of incidents i know we share with our kids but ever thought of writing them and then reading them to enjoy them again and again. i thought of doing it and so is the endless list of activities.
  • when he started talking use to call water "amma" did i teach him no ways.......
  • is always confused about he then his father then grandfather and mother. wen i call my mom "aai" he says why u say so only i will call u "aai" u should not say it to anyone else its not for sharing.
  • for him the eldest in house is his dad.......guess why coz of his height not age ok
  • i was teaching him living and non living the first question after giving him lots of examples was what is blood - living or nonliving? i was surprised leaving all the things around him what made him think of this.
  • if i scold him by saying i will tell your mam.....he replies i will tell your mam i remember ur school name will search on net and call her, uff kids i tell u, genius.
  • these days he is amused with ATM machine, well i m explaining him but lets see what is his feedback...
  • now he is 4 and operates my touchscreen mobile like he is a pro, wants to see all songs on it, so i have loaded only his nursery rhymes smart mom i am haha
  • Life is so simple for kids isn't it. I wish it was as simple as it seem to them.................
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