Saturday, 6 September 2014

its with me or murphys law to blame

Since last 5 days i was planning to make cake OK somehow it got delayed but yes today i have no other commitments so i will make it for sure, i went to kitchen and collected all the required ingredients so they are well at room temperature and when i start making cake after lunch and all other chores are finished whats there in my bag???? no electricity whooop!!!!!!!! lights have gone when will they come back dont know.
electricity was never a problem since last one week only when i started making cake who told hem, or was there some one who wants to trouble me ufff!!!!

I wanted to go shopping for few important things but was getting delayed for some reasons today after 15 days when i made up my mind and went to market again to my surprise the shop is closed the neighbor shopkeepers told he went one hour before for 2 days to attend a marriage oh ho not again. why i am always the one to get caught.

you plan a picnic with family but exactly the day before picnic your kid will have loosies which can result to diaper rash so the result is I wont be able to go.

does it ever happen to others or its always with me only. what to call it murphy's law or bad luck.
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