Saturday, 8 November 2014

Handle with care

Kids these days are difficult to handle or i must say i find it very difficult to handle my kid. When i ask my mom she says my generation was not that stubborn or i should say i was not, then why being a mom i am not able to handle my kid???

Lot of reasons the exposure today's kid is getting we were not getting,
the lifestyle today's kid get is different from what we had,
the toys today's kid plays are also different, mobiles, x-box, psp's, its all gadget world.

My kid denies to study and asks me what will i get if i study, is study give and take???? i never knew???
Whenever i take out his books and notebooks he will feel tired and beginning is all negative.

He has no patience or say tolerance to anything. he will constantly hurt others but if u hurt or scold him he will all out and start shouting and will ensure that his tantrums are attended to.

He is the naughtiest kid i have seen. List is endless if i discuss i am not saying he is bad but i find it difficult to handle him.
Will deny brushing in morning whatsoever you say, will do it when taking bath.
Will not eat food with his own hands while he does the same in school.
Will not do homework and also is not afraid of teacher, as it is scolding is banned hmmmmm.
Loves to hit others and purposefully just for the sake of fun.
Glued to cartoon all the time. i seriously hate doraemon, ninja hattori, oggy.
I tried to lock all channels for a week but his tantrums were outof control and i had to give up.

I know after reading now i am feeling he is not that bad there are times he does lot of help to me but the truth stays that he is difficult to handle.

Diwali time i said no but still he didn't listen to me and burned his fingers.
Daily he blews off the diya we place in front of god in evening.
Will punch things out of his way if he dislikes them.
Will hit your hand if you are feeding something he don't like.
Will cut leaves of plants with his toy sword saying i am playing karate with them.
Will torn pages from my books with scissor saying i don't like these pages.
Does karate with his sibling.
Will mix mud in water saying this is chocolate water....innovative isnt it!!!

I really want suggestions to handle this hyperactive non-listening kid of mine.

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